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Water Pipe Insulation Products For Sale

Water Pipe Insulation Suitable For Both The Private & Industrial Sector

L & S Thermal Products supply water pipe insulation for both the industrial and private sector. Using high quality materials, we have insulated pipes for virtually all forms of industry and home owners.


Pipe Insulation


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Elastic Cushioning

Chemical Resistant




For the insulation of pipes and ducts.

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L & S Thermal

With over 22 years of knowledge in the thermal insulation industry, L & S Thermal Products have been leading the way in innovation and quality. We serve a wide range of industries that include steel manufacturing, electrical power generation, mining and cement sectors.

Our products range from Expansion Joints and Packing to Ceramic and Glass Textiles, Rubber and Metal Bellows, Boiler Joints, Kiln Seals, Water Pipe Insualtion and Custom Made Seals and Packing!

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We have a worldwide footprint and deliver our products and services to clients in countries that include Dubai, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, as well as regions from the African continent that include Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia.

L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS has a staff of highly qualified technicians and consultants who can customize products for the requirement of every workplace, circumstance and temperature.

High Temperature Thermal Insulation Products

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