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Industrial Bellows

Rubber Expansion joints or Rubber bellows are primarily used to absorb noise and thermal movements along with the removal of vibration between equipment such as diesel engines, cooling water pumps, condensers, chillers and their mating pipe work. Their high flexibility also makes them suitable for compensating small installation misalignments. Rubber bellows can be used just like a metal expansion joint to compensate for axial, lateral or angular movement.

Features of Industrial Bellows

Compensation for displacements with small installation lengths and low spring forces.

Corrosion resistant.

High absorption of mechanical and sonorous vibration.

Low weight.

Exempt of sealing joints.

Not-welded end connections.

Electrical discontinuity.

Excellent ability to resist heat, water, weather and severe atmospheric conditions.

Applications of Rubber Bellows

Industrial piping systems.

Any piping system where it is necessary to compensate thermal displacements.

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