Flange Guards/ Covers

L & S Thermal offers a wide range of sizes, colors and styles of flange covers to meet your specific need. Whether you’re protecting the full face or just the raised face portion of the flange, we have the style and size you need. Our flange covers are designed to be durable, as well as easy for your team to install and easy for your customer to remove.
One of the latest editions to our Thermal Insulation range. The LFP Spray Covers is a translucent PTFE based material to be used in high chemical corrosive environments.

Pipe flange Guards also known as flange guards are used in a variety of industries, where their primary application is the prevention of harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints, of toxic, corrosive and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil or steam.

Safety or spray shields offer the last line of defence. They are not designed to contain the leak indefinitely, but to prevent the harmful spray outs resulting in fire or explosions causing considerable plant down time, capital expenditure and even loss of life.

A PTFE flange guard when coated on fibreglass fabric makes it a high tensile membrane. PTFE makes the fabric thermally stable, resistant to chemicals, insoluble in almost all solvents, UV resistant, flexible and does not break when subject to stress, high resilience characteristics, lowest friction coefficients, dielectric constant, non-flammable, waterproof and excellent insulator.

Whereas Fibreglass maintains the structural function of the fabric. Fibreglass has high modulus to elasticity and high tensile strength.

We take utmost care in choosing the fabric for the flange guards so that there are no pin holes which eventually may lead to accidents. Coating thickness is checked so that guards can perform in extreme conditions for extended periods. We use Kevlar threads which are strongest and decompose at 800 degrees Celsius. Kevlar threads have very little stretch and are 2-3 times stronger then nylon or polyester. All our flange guards are made of multiple layers of PTFE Coated fibreglass fabric with an inner scrim.
The inner scrim helps the guard in holding on to the flanges. Braided PTFE coated ropes are used on the guard which are fire retardant and do not decompose in extreme conditions.

Cotton or nylon ropes will not last these extreme conditions and eventually compromise the safety of the flange guard. Velcro is provided on the extreme ends giving it the second fastening system.