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L & S THERMAL PRODUCTS has the expertise and experience to advise customers on best products, systems and processes in the high temperature thermal and chemical insulation related manufacturing fields.

Our very competent planners and technicians perform high level local diagnostic and needs analyses to match your requirements with the best solutions available within current markets and technology.

Manufacturing & Customisation:

L & S THERMAL PRODUCTS manufactures a full range of customized thermal and chemical corrosion insulation products in our in-house fabrication plant.

• Our highly qualified and experienced planners and technicians are experts in customizing products to the specific requirements and needs of every individual industry, workplace and client

• We have a state of the art workshop utilizing latest equipment and technology available

• Our versatility in the fabrication process empowers us to deliver on-time and within budget. Continual innovation has insured that our services are also very cost competitive

• All our products are manufactured aligned to the most stringent quality management systems

• We also have an excellent global supply chain of leading world suppliers enable us to provide you with a full range of thermal and chemical insulation products we do not manufacture.

Quality Assurance:

L & S THERMAL PRODUCTS has a quest for excellence and continual improvement.

We invest substantial resources, including expertise, time and finance, in Research and Development to ensure we stay abreast of best technology, products and systems available in the world.

We have a state of the art quality management systems developed over many years, aligned to international ISO 9001:2008 standards in compliance with the following criteria:

• Customer focus

• Leadership

• People involvement

• Process approach

• System approach to management

• Continual improvement

• Factual approach to decision making

• Mutually beneficial supplier.

L & S Thermal

With over 22 years of knowledge in the thermal insulation industry, L & S Thermal Products have been leading the way in innovation and quality. We serve a wide range of industries that include steel manufacturing, electrical power generation, mining and cement sectors.

Our products range from Expansion Joints and Packing to Ceramic and Glass Textiles, Rubber and Metal Bellows, Boiler Joints, Kiln Seals, Water Pipe Insualtion and Custom Made Seals and Packing!

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We have a worldwide footprint and deliver our products and services to clients in countries that include Dubai, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, as well as regions from the African continent that include Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia.

L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS has a staff of highly qualified technicians and consultants who can customize products for the requirement of every workplace, circumstance and temperature.

High Temperature Thermal Insulation Products

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