Manufacturers of Expansion Joints, Gaskets and Other Thermal Insulation Products

Welcome to L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS cc, one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers of high temperature thermal insulation products.

Our products range from expansion joints and gaskets to compensators, packings, flange covers, kiln seals and loading chutes, to mention but a few. We operate in the thermal, chemical and corrosive environments.
Established in 1997, L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS serves a wide range of industries that include the steel manufacturing, electrical power generation, mining, cement and automotive sectors.

Our clients include leading conglomerates and multinational enterprises such as Eskom, Mittal Steel, Highveld Steel, Columbus Steel and PPC Cement, to mention but a few.
We have a worldwide footprint and deliver our products and services to clients in countries that include Dubai, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Australia, as well as regions from the African continent that include Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia.

L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS has a staff of highly qualified engineers, technicians and consultants who can customize products for the requirement of every workplace, circumstance and temperature.

Most of our products are manufactured in our state of the art fabrication plant in Alrode in Gauteng’s East Rand economic heartland. We also importsome high temperature thermal insulation products form leading overseas manufacturers.

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Consultation & Advice:

L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS has the expertise and experience to advise customers on best products, systems and processes in the high temperature thermal and chemical insulation related manufacturing fields.

Our very competent engineers, planners and technicians perform high level local diagnostic and needs analyses to match your requirements with the best solutions available within current markets and technology.

Installation & After-Sales Services:

L&S THERMAL PRODUCTS services include professional installation of all the products we supply. Our experienced engineers and technicians perform full on-site installation to ensure all products and systems are functional and optimized, wherever you may be located across the globe. 

We have an excellent after-sales service that includes regular testing and optimization of our products and systems.